FODMAP at Taggarts Restaurant


Food intolerances can be tricky to live with and even Trickier to deal with when dining out. Taggarts features a FODMAP friendly menu offering dishes which are Fructose Friendly, Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free.

Dishes selected for the low FODMAP dinner menu were developed based on advice and recipes from Dr Sue Shepherd books and Monash University FODMAP friendly diet. We understand people have different tolerances, please discuss with us if you would like some ingredients omitted.

A low FODMAP diet is recommended for people with gastrointestinal or digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other chronic health conditions. It is an acronym for :
• Fermentable – meaning they are broken down (fermented) by bacteria in the large bowel
• Oligosaccharides – “oligo” means “few” and “saccharide” means sugar. These molecules are made up of individual sugars joined together in a chain
• Disaccharides – “di” means two. This is a double sugar molecule
• Monosaccharides – “mono” means single. This is a single sugar molecule
• And Polyols – these are sugar alcohols (however, they don’t lead to intoxication!)

It can be very uncomfortable and tedious to always check for food that adheres to a low FODMAP diet. It is even more stressful enumerating the food that you’d like to eliminate from your order each and every time you eat out. No need to worry about any of those at Taggarts Restaurant. We understand those concerns and serves as our main concern as we present you classic favourites that’s delicious, fresh and healthy.